How visitor emails work

You can use Envoy to send templated emails to your visitors before, during, and after their visit. There are three types of emails you can choose to send: invite emails, a welcome email, and a survey email.

These emails will show as being from Envoy; however, your company’s branding is featured prominently in the email’s content.

Benefits of visitor emails 

  • Share important information about visiting, like directions to your office and where to park, to make a great first impression on invited visitors.

  • Give visitors the opportunity to register, so they can sign-in faster and you can prevent lines from forming at your front desk. 

  • Share answers to common questions about your workplace that would normally need to be answered by your administrators and hosts.

  • Get direct feedback from guests about the quality of their visit and how you can improve your visitor and sign-in experience moving ahead.

Types of visitor emails

Invite emails

When you invite someone to visit, you can opt to send them an invite email. If selected, that visitor will receive an email confirming their visit as well as a reminder email 24 hours before their visit. If a visitor is invited less than 24 hours in advance of their visit, they will only receive the reminder email.

Both emails contain basic information about the time, date, and location of the upcoming visit. You can customize the confirmation email to include more information, like tips on where to park or how early to arrive. The reminder email includes directions to the location of the visit.

If registration is enabled, there will be a link to “Register now” in both emails. The link opens a browser where invited visitors can take a picture and sign any legal documents that are part of your sign-in flow.

Welcome email

Available on all paid plans

You can choose to send all or specific visitor types a welcome email. If a visitor signed a document as part of your sign-in flow, a copy of their signed document will be attached to this email as a PDF. You can also choose to only send this email to visitors who signed a document.

(Tip: Envoy automatically and securely stores all NDAs that are signed by your visitors. You can access them from your dashboard at any time.)

Share information like your Wi-Fi password and emergency procedures via this email by creating a welcome guide. When enabled, your welcome email will include a link to “Explore guide” which opens your welcome guide in a web browser.

Survey email

Available on all paid plans

You can choose to send all or specific visitor types a brief survey to get feedback on their experience. Visitors will receive an email 24 hours after they signed in, asking “How was your visit?”. They can rate their visit as positive or negative, with an option to comment and select what factors were important to them.

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