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The assistants feature gives Envoy administrators the flexibility to specify who receives notifications for certain employees.

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The Assistants feature gives Envoy administrators the flexibility to specify who receives notifications for certain employees. For the purposes of this article, we’ll refer to the employee that has an assistant as the executive.

How the assistants feature works

When a visitor has a meeting with an executive, they’ll arrive at your office and sign-in on the iPad. The visitor will choose the executive as their host. With the assistant feature, the assistant will receive the host notification and will know to come to greet the executive’s guest. Assistants will also receive delivery notifications on behalf of their executive.

As an Envoy administrator, you can choose if only the assistant should be notified, or if both the assistant and the executive should receive notifications at the same time. You’ll assign assistants and choose these assistant notification settings on the executive’s employee record in your directory.

Benefits of the Assistants feature

  • Encourages a better sign-in experience, since the visitor only needs to remember their host’s name—not the host and assistant’s names.

  • Allows assistants to greet the guest, so the executive can stay focused until their meeting.

  • Provides flexibility to send notifications to just the assistant or to both the assistant and their executive.

  • Assistants also have access to the executive’s details on their Envoy dashboard. This way, they can view their executive’s visitors, create invites on their behalf, and more.

Assigning assistants

Assistants are assigned within the directory. You can either assign assistants manually or assign them during your CSV upload.

How to manually assign assistants

  1. Search for and select the employee to whom you’d like to assign assistants.

  2. Click on “No assistant.”

  3. Start typing the assistant’s name, and select it when it appears.

  4. To add multiple assistants, type and select another name.

How to assign assistants via CSV

If you manage your directory updates by uploading a CSV, this is the easiest way to assign assistants.

  1. Open your CSV file.

  2. Locate the row that contains the executive’s employee details.

  3. At the end of the row (if you’re using a spreadsheet, this would be the fourth column), simply type the assistant’s email address.

  4. To add multiple assistants, you can add multiple email addresses. Separate them using a comma.

Note: The assistant’s email address must match another employee in your CSV file. If you have two assistants for one executive the row in the CSV will look as follows: Dan Swanson, [email protected], 2025550121, "[email protected], [email protected]",

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