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Welcome screen set-up

Customize the Visitors kiosk welcome screen to create a great first impression.

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When workplace guests and employees arrive, your Kiosk's welcome screen will be one of the first things they see! There are many different customization options to create the best experience for your workplace.

Options for your welcome screen

  • Design: Use your previously uploaded logo, create a slideshow, or use a solid color

  • Multiple languages: Allow your visitors to sign-in with different languages

  • Touchless walk-ins and static QR codes: Enable QR code sign-in so visitors never have to touch a shared surface

  • Host search: Select how visitors look up their hosts

  • Returning Visitors: Envoy can "recognize" past visitors by their name or use facial recognition to pull in the rest of their information automatically.

  • Deliveries: Designate a contact to receive notifications when a delivery courier is in the lobby.

To get started, navigate to Visitors > Settings > Welcome screen.

Designing the welcome screen

The design for your welcome screen is customized under the Design tab of your Welcome screen settings!

Your welcome screen is yours. You can leave it simple or add a more complex design.​

Tip: Envoy automatically selects a matching accent color for your buttons, but you can change it in the Location Settings in your Envoy dashboard under Accent color

Video: Customizing the iPad kiosk design


By default, your logo will appear on a white background.

Welcome image

You can use the welcome image feature to display an image (or GIF!) different from your company logo. File specifications: JPG, PNG, or GIF; 5MB or less.

Enable the welcome image

  1. Locate Welcome image and click Edit.

  2. Upload an image or GIF. Images that are 1000px square are best.

  3. Click Save.

Background images & welcome image together

Available on Envoy Premium & Enterprise Plans

You can use Background images and Welcome image to showcase more of your brand. If you only want a background image, you can also disable showing the company logo from the screen.

Enable background images & welcome image

  1. Locate Welcome image and click Edit

  2. Upload an image or GIF. Images that are 1000px square are best.

  3. Locate Background images, and click Edit.

  4. Upload up to 10 images. Images that are 1536 x 2048px are best.

  5. Toggle the Hide company logo from the welcome screen to the “off” position.

  6. Click Save

Tip: If you'd like to use a background image without a welcome image or logo on top, simply toggle Hide company logo from welcome screen to the on position✨

Background color

By default, your logo or welcome image will appear on a white background, but you can change your background color at any time.

Change the background color

  1. Locate Background color and click Edit

  2. Click Choose a color

  3. Use the color palette or enter a specific HEX value.

  4. Click Save

Envoy will automatically determine if the text should appear black or white, based on which will be easiest to read.

Multiple Languages

By enabling multiple languages, Visitors can switch the kiosk's language while on the welcome screen.

For each language you choose to support, Envoy creates a translated copy of your sign-in flow that guests can activate from the kiosk’s welcome screen.

  1. Select Edit.

  2. Choose a language from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Save.

Once enabled, you'll need to review your sign-in flows to ensure translations are accurate and as intended. Learn more about using multiple languages with Envoy Visitors!

Touchless Walk-ins

Touchless walk-ins allow Visitors to sign in via QR code without touching a shared surface.

In addition to displaying the QR code on the iPad via Touchless walk-ins, Static QR codes allow Admins the flexibility to display a sign-in QR code anywhere—a printout, TV screen, or engraving!

Enable Touchless walk-ins

  1. Locate Touchless walk-ins, and toggle this setting to On.

  2. Fully close and reopen the Envoy application on your iPad(s).

  3. You will now see a small QR code on the Tap to sign in button.

Learn more about the specifics of Touchless walk-ins.

Enable Static QR codes

Available on Visitors Premium and Enterprise

Static QR codes are a great way to provide a flexible sign in option. Without needing an iPad, you can allow visitors to sign in from anywhere you display the QR code!

  1. Navigate to Visitors > Settings > Welcome screen > Touchless walk-ins on the Envoy web dashboard.

  2. Toggle Static QR code to On.

  3. Under the Static QR code section, select Add a QR code.

  4. This will generate a static QR code that visitors can scan to sign in. To download the QR code, click on the PNG or SVG option. This will download the QR code to your computer.

Learn more about using a Static QR code for visitor sign-in.

Host search options

Available on Visitors Enterprise only

Customize how Visitors search for their hosts—by full name, email, or both. If you want to require visitors to type the exact employee information, you can turn auto-suggest off.

Benefits of stricter host search:

  • A potential bad actor would not be able to discover the names of all employees at a location. Requiring emails or full names prevents any accidental reveals of sensitive information.

  • In large workplaces, you might have employees with the same common name, like James Smith or Mary Johnson. By using an email identifier, you can reduce confusion. If you decide to include employee titles in search results, it's even clearer who the correct contact is.

In addition to name, you can decide to allow auto-suggest, as well as include the employee's title in the search result.

Email required, auto-suggest on, title included:

Email required, auto-suggest off, title included:

Tip: Visitors do not need to type out the domain, the host's name will appear once the @ sign is entered

Email required, auto-suggest on, title not included:

Name required, auto-suggest off, titles not included:

Name required, auto-suggest on, titles included:

Customize how hosts show up on the Visitor's kiosk

  1. Select how you want to allow visitors to find their hosts:

    1. Name

    2. Email

    3. Name or Email address

  2. Additionlly, you can customize how you want the results to show.

    1. Auto-suggest: Populate the host's information after the entry of 3 characters.

    2. Include host's title in search results: List the title of the host, set in the employee directory. Learn more about directory fields.

  3. Once you have your desired combination of requirements, click Save.

Once changes are saved, the kiosk will update. If you aren't seeing new settings appear, close and re-open the Envoy Visitors app to force a restart.

Returning Visitors

With Returning visitor detection, the kiosk will automatically populate the details of visitors who have signed in before based on their email or phone number. If Facial recognition is enabled, the kiosk can "recognize" visitors based on their photo. Passport uses the Envoy mobile app to sense nearby users via bluetooth and pull their information.

Enable Returning visitor detection

Tip: You must collect visitor email or phone numbers to use this feature. These serve as the visitor's unique identifiers

  1. Locate Returning visitor detection

    1. To enable, toggle to the On position.

    2. To disable, toggle to the Off position.

Learn more about Returning visitor detection

Enable Facial recognition

Available on Visitors Enterprise

If you collect visitor photos during the sign-in process, you can use them to recognize returning visitors! Visitors will arrive and take a photo using the kiosk. If that photo matches a previously taken one, the iPad kiosk will recognize them and automatically fill in their details.

To enable:

  1. Once returning visitor detection is on, you be able to enable facial recognition.

  2. Toggle Facial recognition to On. Once this is enabled, all sign-in flows at your location will be affected. This will not affect other locations.

Learn more about Facial recognition for visitors.


Passport is a feature of Envoy mobile. With Passport enabled, those who have the Envoy mobile app are detected by the Kiosk and can sign in faster.

To enable:

  1. Toggle Passport to On.

  2. Once enabled, visitors with the Envoy mobile app installed should see their initials appear on the kiosk during sign-in.

Learn more about Envoy mobile.


The deliveries feature within Envoy Visitors allows you to designate one employee in your directory as the delivery contact. That person will receive a special notification whenever a delivery is signed in on the Visitor sign-in kiosk.

To enable:

  1. Click Enable.

  2. Type the name of the employee you’d like to name as delivery contact.

  3. Click Save.

Learn more about delivery contact notifications.

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