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Getting Envoy Rooms onto Crestron Tablets
Getting Envoy Rooms onto Crestron Tablets

Learn how to set up your Crestron tablet with Envoy Rooms

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To get started with Envoy Rooms on your Crestron tablets, you will need to download the Envoy application from Crestron. These steps outline how to do so directly from your Crestron TSW-770/TSW-1070 tablet. Only the TSW‑770/TSW‑1070 series are currently compatible with Envoy rooms, see our supported hardware guide for more device options for your Rooms displays.

Select Envoy Rooms Application

  1. Plug your Crestron TSW‑770 or TSW‑1070 into Ethernet. (Please note that TSW-1060 is not supported.)

  2. Enter your username and password. (If you forgot your password, please follow these instructions to reset your Crestron credentials.)

  3. Input the IP address shown on your tablet into your web browser.

  4. On the upper right corner, select Update Firmware. If you have auto-update or are already on version 2.003.1011 or higher, skip this step.

  5. Select the Settings Tab, scroll to Applications, and select Envoy Rooms.

  6. Save your changes and click Yes, Reboot Now.

  7. Your Crestron device will turn black. If it says "Application not found", press the reset button to reboot your device.

  8. The Envoy Rooms pairing screen should appear. Click here to learn how to set up Envoy Rooms on tablets.

Forgot your Crestron device username or password

If you’ve forgotten your Crestron device username or password, you must factory reset your device. To avoid having to perform a factory reset, we advise you to record your username and password in a secure manner.

  1. Find the reset pinhole on the back of the device. You may need to remove the external case.

  2. Using a small pin or paperclip, press the reset pinhole exactly 11 times. We advise counting and recording how many times you’ve pressed the pinhole carefully.

  3. Hold the button until the screen turns black. You will then see a large Crestron logo flash on screen, followed by a smaller logo. Once 7 dots appear and start animating, you have triggered the “reset counter” and can press the pinhole again. You must press the reset pinhole exactly 11 times to trigger the System Maintenance screen.

  4. If you cannot find the pinhole, you can enter the same pattern by unplugging and replugging the Ethernet cord.

  5. On exactly the 11th time after you press the reset pinhole, let the dots continue to animate. You will then see the System Maintenance screen.

  6. Select Factory Restore Menu.

  7. Select Yes, I want to restore all settings to default and lose all custom settings.

  8. After the system reboots, you should be able to configure your own username and password. Again, to avoid having to factory reset your device in the future, we advise you to record your username and password in a secure manner.

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