Pairing your Envoy Rooms Display

Once you've successfully paired your calendar to Envoy Rooms, you will be able to pair each of your iPads to get the Rooms display at all of your meeting rooms.

  1. Click on the Rooms tab on the left hand side of the dashboard

  2. Click Settings and navigate to Devices, where you will see your pairing code.

    1. Note: The same pairing code will be entered on every iPad you will be pairing with Rooms. 

    2. Enter the pairing code onto the iPad and hit Next.

  3. Once you do that a list of all rooms will appear. Choose which room you want this iPad display to represent. Repeat for each iPad and each room.

  4. Once complete you will see the room's schedule display for the day, and the Rooms green, yellow, or red availability indicator.

Unpairing your Envoy Rooms Display

  1. Click the Envoy logo at the top right of the screen

  2. Get the Settings access code from Rooms > Settings 

    1. Note to change this code for any reason hit the pencil icon, delete, and type a new code.

  3. Type that code into the iPad

  4. After that, you will see the device Settings hit Unpair iPad

Enabling a light-up case

If you purchased a light-up case for your iPad, you will need to enable the case in the settings. To do this:

  • Navigate to Rooms > My Rooms

  • Find the Room

  • Click on Manage

  • Under the Device select either Generic or Visual Target

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