What are my permissions as a Location Admin?

Location Admins are given location-level access to the Envoy dashboard. You’ll have different permissions depending on the part of the dashboard you’re trying to access. If you think you need access to parts of that dashboard that are currently restricted, talk to your Location or Global Admin(s).

Visitor log

You can view, edit, and delete visitor details that appear on the visitor log.

Invites dashboard

You’ll have full access to the invite dashboard. You can view, edit, and delete invites for any employee at your specified location. If you’re on an Envoy Premium or Enterprise plan, you can also sign in visitors directly from the invite dashboard. Learn more about signing in via the dashboard.

Employee directory & device management

You’ll have full access to the directory and devices at your specific location. This means you can view, add, edit, and delete employees from the directory. You can also view, add, edit, or delete devices at your specific location. You can add location level admins (Location, Security, Front desk, Deliveries admins) for your specific location.

Protect dashboard

You'll have limited access to your Protect dashboard. You will be able to view and edit Capacity management for the location you're assigned as an admin to. All other protect settings are not viewable as they are global.

Deliveries dashboard

You have full access to your Deliveries dashboard. This includes recording, editing, and deleting deliveries from the delivery log, as well as changing settings for delivery areas at your specific location. You also have the ability to add or remove delivery pick up kiosks. You cannot add more delivery areas to your account. Learn more about all you can do with Envoy Deliveries.

Rooms dashboard

You have access to change settings for Rooms assigned to your specific location. You do not have access to add a calendar or assign rooms to your location. That must be done by a global admin. Learn more about what you can do with Envoy Rooms as a location admin.

Settings & billing

Location Admins do not have access to add locations, delivery areas, or access billing information. Even if you only have only one location you do not have access to billing information.

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