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Learn more about the multiple ways you can sign in visitors.

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How sign-in works

A key part of any visitor management system is the ability to capture visitor information. To capture this information, visitors must sign in.

When a visitor signs in, Envoy creates their visitor entry. Think of this entry as the record of their visit: It contains all of the visitor’s information, including sign-in and out times, their photo, signed legal documents and more. Entries appear on the dashboard in real time when the visitor signs in, and you can view all of the entry details by clicking on the visitor's name.

Signing in on the iPad

Available on all plans

It’s likely that most entries will get created when visitors sign in on the iPad. It’s important to understand the different types of iPad sign-in that Envoy Visitors supports.

“Walk-in” first-time visitors

If you have unexpected visitors, or if you simply prefer not to use registration, any visitor can sign-in on the iPad. It’s self-explanatory for the visitor since the iPad walks them through each step of the sign-in flow.

They’ll simply tap the “Tap to sign in” button and proceed through the sign-in flow. When the visitor completes all required sign-in steps, the entry will appear on your dashboard.

Returning visitors

If a visitor has signed in with Envoy Visitors at your location before, your kiosk will “recognize” them based on their full name. Their fields fill in automatically, and Envoy checks to see if they have signed legal documents and/or a photo on file. This speeds up sign-in to provide a better visitor experience.

To sign in, returning visitors will still tap the “Tap to sign in” button and enter their full name. Once Envoy “sees” their full name, a prompt will appear that will ask "Is this you?" with a masked email or phone number. The visitor will click Yes, that's my email and the rest of their fields will fill in automatically. Read more about Returning visitors here.

Invited visitors

Envoy’s registration feature allows you to create invites for your expected visitors. While registration has many benefits, a main perk is that it creates a better visitor experience.

When an invited visitor signs in on the iPad, they’ll tap the “Tap to sign in” button, then fill in the name field. If their name is a match to any invites on that day, the rest of their fields will fill in automatically.

  • Invites match based on name and email, and must match exactly. Unfortunately, Envoy cannot match based on nicknames or typos.

  • Invites are valid for only the expected arrival date. If the visitor signs in on a different day, their details will not appear automatically.

Creating entries without an iPad

Available on Premium & Enterprise plans

If there are times when visitors need to skip the iPad, you can sign them in from the dashboard. When you create entries from the dashboard, you’ll still have the chance to send a host notification and print the visitor badge. There are two ways to create entries from the dashboard:

Create new entries from the dashboard

You can create new entries from the visitor log. When you do so, you’ll have a record of the visitor, but they will not sign your legal documents or have their photo taken. To create a new entry, follow these steps:

  1. Click “New visitor.” 

  2. Fill in the new visitor form. Note that required fields are marked with a red dot

    1. (Optional) Check the box to send a host notification

    2. (Optional) Check the box to print a badge.

  3. Click “Sign in” to create the entry.

Below, you’ll see an example of an entry created from the dashboard. Since Envoy has no record of the visitor’s photo or legal documents (unless they were previously on file) note that a monogram appears instead of a photo, and the legal document status is “X Not signed”.

Turn an invite into an entry

If you invite visitors using the registration feature, they can skip signing in on the iPad. This feature is a little different than the one described above for one big reason: You can see if a visitor has a photo and/or legal documents on file. If they do, go ahead and sign them in from the dashboard. If not, you can always direct them to sign in on the iPad.

To sign turn an invite into an entry, follow these steps:

  1. To sign in one invited visitor, locate their invite. Click the ellipsis (…) icon to the right of the invite information. From the dropdown, select “Sign in.”

  2. To sign in multiple invited visitors, select multiple invites by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the name. Click “Sign in” at the top. 

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