What are my permissions as a Front Desk Admin?

Front Desk Admins are given location-level access to the Envoy dashboard. You’ll have different permissions depending on the part of the dashboard you’re trying to access. If you think you need access to parts of that dashboard that are currently restricted, talk to your Location or Global Admin(s).

If you’re on an Envoy Premium or Enterprise plan, you can also sign visitors in directly from the invite dashboard.

Visitor log

You can view and edit visitor details that appear on the visitor log. You cannot delete visitor entries.

Invites dashboard

You’ll have full access to the invite dashboard. You can view, edit and delete invites for any employee at your specified location. If you’re on an Envoy Premium or Enterprise plan, you can also sign visitors in directly from the invite dashboard.

Employee directory & device management

You’ll have read-only access to the directory and devices at your location. This means you can view these pages, but you cannot make any changes (i.e., you cannot add employees or pair new iPads). If you think you need permission to make edits on these pages, please connect with your Location or Global Admin(s).

Settings & billing

Front Desk Admins do not have access to change the Visitors settings or access company billing details.

Why are visitors not appearing on the dashboard after sign-in?

Your iPad must be online for visitors to sync onto your dashboard. Being disconnected or on a wireless network that emits a weak signal can cause the iPad to go offline.

If you run into dashboard syncing issues, we suggest walking through our interactive troubleshooting guide to diagnose and resolve the issue.

How do I create an invite?

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.
  2. Click “New invite.” 
  1. Fill in the form. Fields with a red dot are required to create the invite.
  2. Optional: Leave a private note. This will be visible to Envoy administrators but not the visitor.
  3. Optional: Check the Send an invitation and calendar invite to the visitor box to send a pre-registration email. 

4. Click “Invite.”

How can I create multiple invites in bulk?

  1. Go to Visitors > Invites.
  2. Click “New invite.” You’ll be taken to the invite form.
  3. Select Group invite from the top navigation.
  4. Select the correct location and visitor type.
  5. Optional: Enter a Group name that you can use reference these visitors in the logs.
  6. You can either type in or paste the invite details in the grid below.Tip: If you prefer to manually enter the information instead of pasting, note that the Arrival date column has a date picker, and the Host column will search your employee directory.
  7. Optional: Check the Send invite email box if you want to send these people an email confirming their upcoming visit, and select whether the Group name should be included in the subject of the invite. 
  8. Click “Create invites.” 

Note: Any invites without errors will be created and accessible on your Invites > Dashboard. If any fields contain errors, you’ll be able to view the error, adjust the invite, and resubmit. 

Why aren’t employees receiving host notifications?

If visitors are completing the sign-in process on your iPad but you’re not receiving host notifications, you can quickly troubleshoot the problem by following these steps:

  1. Are entries showing up on your visitor log?If no, then your iPad has gone offline. To reconnect, open your iPad Settings app, select “Wi-Fi” and toggle it off and back on again. You will not receive notifications for visitors that have already signed in, but their entries will sync with the web dashboard, and your notifications should start again with the next visitor.
  2. Do you have notifications enabled?Double check your Visitors > Settings > Notifications page to ensure you have the notification methods (email and SMS) enabled as desired. Also check our your Integrations page page to check the status of your host notification integrations.
  3. Are you seeing the “SMS Failed” message on your visitor entries?If so, check your employee directory to ensure that you entered employee’s’ cell phone numbers. If you have land lines listed in your directory, SMS notifications cannot be delivered.
  4. Is the host using the Envoy Passport app? If so, they may have changed their personal notification preferences to be different from the notification preferences your company initially enabled. You can see which notification methods each employee has enabled by viewing their employee record in the directory.

About fallback notifications

As an Envoy administrator, you may be receiving fallback notifications. Here’s why: If you’re using host notifications, your sign-in fields will include the host field. You have the option to set this field to required or not required. If it is not required, a visitor can sign in without selecting a host.

When this happens, Envoy wants to ensure that someone on your team knows about this visitor, so a fallback notification is sent. Fallback notifications are enabled for your account by default, but you disable them or change your fallback notification contact at any time. Learn more.

How do I order or reorder badges?

You’ll be able to order and reorder Envoy badges by visiting envoy.com/badges.

  • Plain badges: Badges arrive blank. Your logo and visitor information print in black when visitors sign in. $20 for 300 badges.
  • Custom badges: Badges arrive with your logo printed in color on each badge. Visitor information prints in black when visitors sign in. $30 for 300 badges.
  • Note: Custom badge orders (both initial orders and reorders) take 14 to 21 days to produce, so please plan accordingly.
  • Expiring badges: Badges arrive blank. Your logo and visitor information print in black when visitors sign in. Then, affix an expiring sticker to the back of the badge. VOID design appears after 24 hours. $160 for 1,000 badges.
  • Brother badges: If you prefer to use Brother badges instead of our Envoy badges, we recommend the Brother DK-1202, which are available on Amazon or from your favorite office supply store. Learn more about the Brother badges Envoy supports.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, feel free to contact us.

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