Security Admin FAQ

We’ve rounded up a few questions that are frequently asked by Envoy Security Admins.

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What are my permissions as a Security Admin?

Security Admins are given location-level access to the Invites dashboard. You’ll have different permissions depending on the part of the dashboard you’re trying to access. If you think you need access to parts of that dashboard that are currently restricted, talk to your Location or Global Admin(s).

Visitor log

You have access only to view your own visitors. The Visitors signed in for other employees or with no host are not visible to you.

Invites dashboard

You’ll have read-only access to the invite dashboard. You can view, all invites sent out by all employees at the location(s) you're a Security Admin for. You also have access to a special dashboard showing the invites for the day in list form.

Employee directory & device management

You’ll have read-only access to the Employee directory. This means you can view your locations directory but you cannot make any changes.

Settings & billing

Security Admins do not have access to change the Visitors settings or access company billing details.

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