How easy is it to get set up?

Very easy, especially if you already have an iPad 😉

Updated over a week ago

It’s very easy to get set up with Envoy. It takes about five minutes on average, especially if you already have an iPad. When it comes to hardware, all you’ll need is an iPad (generation 3 or newer) running iOS 10. for Visitors or Deliveries (or iOS 12.0 for Rooms) or later.

Steps to get started with Envoy

  1. To get started with Envoy, sign up for your 14-day free trial.

  2. Complete the guided account setup steps.

  3. Download the Envoy Visitors Kiosk, Envoy Deliveries Kiosk iPad app, or the Envoy Rooms app from the App Store. If you don’t have an iPad, you can buy one in the Envoy store.

  4. Pair your iPad to your account.

  5. Depending on which products you choose, you're ready to start signing in visitors, booking rooms, or scanning deliveries (or all three!).

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