Accessing the Learning Academy

Get access to 30+ learning videos to help you get started as an admin.

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Envoy Academy is here to help new admins learn the basics of their Envoy account. It offers distinct learning paths for three different admin levels: Global, Location, and Front Desk.

The learning paths are broken up by product, so you can learn exactly what you need to get started.

How to enroll

Envoy Academy is completely free to use!

  1. Once logged in to your dashboard, navigate to the bottom left hand side of the screen and click Learning Academy.

  2. After clicking, you'll be brought to the course selection page. Select the course that corresponds to your admin role. We recommend starting with the introduction course if you're brand new.

  3. Once you've selected your course, just click on Enroll for free.

  4. From there, you'll be taken into the course player, where you can watch videos, take quizzes, and more!


How do I make an account?

  • Your account is created by clicking on the Learning Academy link. The email address you use for Envoy will be tied to Envoy Academy.

Do the courses expire?

  • Your enrollment will expire 30 days after enrolling, but you can rejoin at any time!

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