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Streamline your lobby sign-in for visitors.

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With the Connect Property Kiosk, you now have a separate option for visitor sign-in. Visitors can register themselves at the Property Kiosk and upon sign-in visitors can specify the tenant they are visiting. This will notify the tenant of arrival and provide the visitor with next steps such as how to get their badge printed, etc.

Benefits of using the Connect Property Kiosk

  • Reduce the burden and cost of having extra staff or security in your building lobby by having visitors register and sign-in on the kiosk instead.

  • The kiosk contains data for all of the tenants within your property building making the sign-in process much easier.

  • Admins can get instant notifications for guests rather than waiting for phone calls from a staff member.

  • Provides a great back up option if your visitor forgot or lost their QR code for sign-in.

Setting up your Connect Property Kiosk

Download our Envoy Visitors Kiosk onto your iPad, then connect your iPad to your Connect account.

  1. On your iPad, download the newest version of Envoy Visitors Kiosk (4.12.0 or later) from the Apple App Store.

    1. Important note: Although you download the same Visitors Kiosk app as a Tenant, the Property Kiosk will have different options to choose from when your tablet is connected to your Envoy Connect account.

  2. Open the Envoy Visitor application

  3. Tap on "I have an Envoy account".

  4. Take note of the code shown as you will need to input this into your Envoy dashboard.

  5. Navigate to Connect Overview within your Envoy dashboard.

  6. Click View next to the Property you want to connect to your iPad.

  7. Click on Devices > iPads.

  8. Input the code you received earlier from your iPad.

  9. Click Pair this iPad.

  10. The screen on your tablet should reload and the dashboard will show that the tablet is operational. This may take a minute.

  11. Next time a visitor arrives they can register or check in on the Connect Property Kiosk.

Editing your iPads' screens

The view your visitors see during sign-in on the Connect Property Kiosk can be customized to match your Properties design. The default screen will display your property name with a cityscape design in the background, as shown below.

If you want to change the kiosk display from the default, just customize the welcome screen settings.

  1. From here you can edit your welcome screen, background images or background color and more.

  2. Welcome Image: Choose a graphic to appear on your welcome screen in place of your logo. We recommend a 1000px square image.

  3. Background images: Choose up to ten full-screen images to cycle behind in your logo or welcome image. We recommend 1536 ร— 2048px images in PNG or JPG format.

  4. Background color: Choose a solid background color to appear behind your logo or welcome image. Pick a color that compliments your accent color and logo.

  5. Final Screen:

    1. Custom walk-up visitor checked in message: Show a custom message, image, or video to walk-up visitors when they finish checking in.

    2. Custom pre-registered visitor checked in message: Show a custom message, image, or video to pre-registered visitors when they finish checking in.

  6. Assistance screen: Show a custom message, image, or video to visitors who request assistance.

Connect Kiosk FAQ

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