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Delivery contact notifications
Delivery contact notifications

Setting a delivery contact allows you to alert a designated employee in your directory every time a package is delivered.

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Tip: This feature is a part of Visitors, but if you're interested in using Envoy for delivery management, you should check out Envoy Deliveries. With Envoy Deliveries, you can send automatic notifications to each delivery's recipient.

How delivery contact notifications work

As an Envoy administrator, you can enable the delivery feature for your location. When you do, the word Deliveries will appear at the bottom of your iPad’s welcome screen.

When a delivery person arrives in your lobby, they can simply tap Deliveries and a notification will automatically be sent to your designated delivery contact.

Benefits of delivery contact notifications

  • Saves the delivery contact from checking the lobby for delivery arrivals.

  • Pairs perfectly with Envoy Deliveries. Here’s how:
    1. Assign a delivery contact within Visitors and they’ll be notified when deliveries arrive.
    2. Assign this employee as an administrator in Envoy Deliveries, so they can log packages and automatically alert all recipients.

Enable, disable, or edit delivery contact notifications

  1. Click “Enable.”

  2. Type the name of the employee you’d like to name as delivery contact.

  3. Click “Save.” 

Your Visitor log will appear with "Delivery" and the host listed will be the delivery contact. 

Note: To disable click edit then disable.

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