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Organize employees by setting their primary location.

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Employees can be associated with directories at multiple locations within your Envoy account. This flexibility allows them to reserve desks, invite visitors, and fully utilize office resources, whether frequently traveling between sites or occasionally visiting from a remote setting. It's pretty advantageous for modern workplace - allowing employees to come and go as needed.

However, including employees in more directories than necessary can water down the precision of your space utilization data. For workplace admins, setting an employee's primary location can reveal detailed insights on office use and occupancy trends. This distinction helps in differentiating between employees who are based at a specific location versus those visiting, thereby enhancing the management of physical spaces and resources.

By setting a primary location, admins gain valuable clarity on who is expected to be in each office, facilitating better planning, safety, and efficiency.

Note: Setting default/primary Location does not change which location the employee sees when they first log into Envoy.

How it works

When viewing an employee's record within the employee directory, you'll be able to see their primary location. Learn more about the employee directory.

To view, simply navigate to the Employee directory and select an employee.

Setting up Primary location

Via SCIM integration

You can set up primary location by connecting your Envoy instance with your identity provider.

To update your Directory sync settings, go to Apps > Directory and SSO and click on Directory settings. From here, select the app you use for identity (Onelogin, Okta, Azure, etc). You'll set up Primary location by selecting Get started.

Once the Primary-Location attribute syncs with Envoy, you'll be able to assign each location to the corresponding Envoy location. Exact location name matches will automatically map, but others must be manually assigned.

For further instructions, check out your IDP's specific Help article:


If you have a smaller employee count, managing primary location can be done manually.

  1. Select an employee you wish to edit. Scroll down until you see the Edit button, then click Edit.

  2. Use the dropdown under Primary location to designate an employee's primary location.

    1. You can only select between locations the employee has been added to. You can view which locations an employee has been added to by looking at the Employee's Locations list at the bottom of their record. You can add/remove locations by using the Edit button.

  3. Click Save to save your changes.

Note: You can set an employee's default location with a Visitors-only account, but the occupancy analytics are only available with Workplace Premium subscription.

Occupancy Analytics

Primary location allows for data to be populated in our Workplace Utilization graph and the Attendance + People in dept columns in the Daily average attendance by department graph.

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