Logging in to Envoy Mobile

Learn how to log in to your Envoy Mobile app via a computer.

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You can log into your mobile app using either a magic link and checking your email on your phone to sign in.

If you don't have access or simply would prefer to log in without having to log into your email on your phone you can now sign in via desktop, using a QR code.

How to log in using a computer

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile App and type in your work email

  2. Click Scan QR code and check your email on a computer

  3. If you haven't previously given Envoy permission to use your camera, the system will ask

    1. You must allow or else you won't be able to log in this way

  4. Open your email on a computer and click "Confirm your email"

  5. This will lead you to a QR code, scan the code from your phone and it will lead you into your account

Mobile view:

Desktop view:

How to log in using your phone

  1. Go to the mobile application and type in your email address

  2. Check your email on that phone

  3. Click "Confirm your email"

  4. You will be directed back into Envoy Mobile

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