Secure pick-up

Learn how to make delivery pick-up more secure by capturing recipients’ photos and/or signatures.

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How secure pick-up works

The secure pick-up feature allows you to require a recipient’s photo, signature, or both, for them to mark a delivery as picked up.

As an administrator, you’ll enable secure pick-up per delivery area—meaning you can enable it for some delivery areas and not others if you choose.

When you enable secure pick-up, recipients do not have the option to mark their deliveries as picked up from notifications. They must mark them as picked up using the kiosk in the delivery area. For this reason, any delivery area using secure pick-up must have a delivery kiosk.

Benefits of using secure pick-up

  • Added security: Ensure the right people are picking up the right packages.

  • More accurate record-keeping: Because secure pick-up requires that the recipient is in the delivery area, no one is tempted to mark something as picked up from the notification when they actually leave it lingering.

Enable secure pick-up features

Secure pick-up features are enabled per delivery area. Here’s how:

  1. Click Edit on the delivery area that you want to add the kiosk to.

  2. Select Pick-up from the top navigation.

  3. Enable Signature proof of pick-up and Photo proof of pick-up as desired.

    1. You can leave them disabled, or just Signature proof of pick-up or Photo proof of pick-up, or both for any delivery area.

Signature proof of pick-up

This feature requires the recipient to sign for their deliveries. Once they select their delivery or deliveries on the iPad, they’ll be prompted with a signature screen. They’ll simply sign with their finger on the iPad to mark the deliveries as picked up.

As an administrator, you can view their signature in the delivery details.

Photo proof of pick-up

This feature automatically snaps a photo of the recipient when they mark their delivery as picked up. Unlike Envoy Visitor’s photo-capture step, this happens in the background. This means the recipient cannot “hide” from the frame, and it ensures you have a better photo of the recipient for your records.

As an administrator, you can view their photo in the delivery details.

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