How delivery pick-up works

When an employee comes to collect their delivery, they shouldn’t just grab it and walk away. To close the loop, they’ll need to mark their delivery as picked up. Until a delivery is marked as picked up, Envoy Deliveries “thinks” it’s still in the delivery area. Every delivery that is recorded will have a pending status until it is marked as picked up.

While a delivery is pending, reminder notifications will be sent and it will appear in the “pending” section in the delivery log. Once the recipient marks the delivery as picked up, it’s no longer pending and reminder notifications stop.

Benefits of delivery pick-up

  • Creates an accurate record of when the delivery was picked up.

  • Easy and flexible pick-up options, including requirement of photo and/or signature proof of pick-up.

Marking deliveries as picked up

Recipients can mark their deliveries as picked up either from their delivery notification or using the optional pick-up kiosk in the delivery area.

To mark as picked-up using the notification, they’ll just tap the Mark as picked up button in their Slack or email notification.

To mark as picked-up on the kiosk, the recipient will approach the iPad and simply type in their name. If they have multiple deliveries pending, they can choose to collect one or more at a time.

Secure pick-up

Secure pick-up features allow you to collect the recipient’s photo, signature—or both—at the time of pick-up. With secure pick-up features enabled, recipients no longer have the option to mark deliveries are picked-up from their notifications. They must pick them up using the iPad kiosk.

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