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Facial Recognition for Visitors
Facial Recognition for Visitors

Make sign-in even faster by using Envoy's Facial recognition feature at your Visitors kiosk.

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Envoy Visitors' facial recognition works with returning visitors to match a previously taken photo. By using biometric authentication during the sign-in process, admins can add another layer of security to their workplace. Facial recognition can also speed up the sign-in process and provide visitors with a great first impression.

This feature will only recognize photos taken after facial recognition is turned on. Previously taken photos will not be recognized.

How it works

Upon arrival, visitors will begin their sign-in process by taking a photo. If that photo matches a previously taken one, the iPad kiosk will recognize them and automatically fill in their details. If no additional details are needed, the sign-in process will be complete. If a visitor needs to take additional steps, like sign an NDA, they will be prompted to do so after their photo.

If a visitor is at your workplace for the first time, their photo will be added to their entry and they can finish their sign-in manually.

How to enable

  1. Once returning visitor detection is on, you be able to enable facial recognition.

  2. Toggle Facial recognition to ON. Once this is enabled, all sign-in flows at your location will be affected. This will not affect other locations.

Since this is a location-wide setting, all sign-in flows will have their photo requirement turned on. You cannot disable a specific flow's photos while facial recognition is enabled.

iPad Kiosk

You'll need to install the Envoy Visitors Kiosk app version 4.20.0 or later. Once you have the correct version, make sure it is paired to your Visitors location.

Once Facial recognition is turned on via the web dashboard, you won't need to make any changes to your iPad kiosk - it will download the new configuration after the toggle is on.

Signing in as a visitor

Your welcome screen will show and the visitor will need to tap sign in. After this, your visitor will need to take a photo. Make sure your kiosk app has access to the camera!

Once your visitor is recognized, they'll be prompted to continue the sign-in process. Their information provided from a previous visit, like email address and phone number, will be automatically filled in.


  • Will this work automatically?

    • This feature will only work with photos taken after facial recognition is turned on. After the initial photo is captured, the visitor will be recognized upon their next visit.

  • Do my visitors need to submit their photos when they pre-register?

    • No, Envoy will use previously taken photos to match their new on-site picture.

  • Can this work across locations?

    • Yes! Envoy can recognize anyone who has visited one of your locations while Facial Recognition was enabled at that location. This does not work across multiple companies - your visitor data is unique to your company.

  • Where is my data stored?

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