Welcome screen

When the Envoy Visitors app is open, it displays the welcome screen.

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How the welcome screen works

If you have a logo uploaded for your location, that logo will appear on your welcome screen by default. If you do not have a logo, your company name will appear in black text. This article will outline other options to customize the welcome screen design.

Benefits of customizing your welcome screen

  • Wow guests with a modern first impression

  • Showcase your branding

Video: Customizing the iPad kiosk welcome screen

Designing the welcome screen

Your welcome screen is yours. You choose if you’d like to leave it simple, or add a more complex design.

Tip: Envoy automatically selects a matching accent color for your buttons, but you can change it in the Location Settings in your Envoy dashboard under Accent color.

By default, your logo will appear on a white background.

Welcome image

You can use the welcome image feature to display an image (or GIF!) that’s different from your company logo.

Enable the welcome image

  1. Locate Welcome image and click “Edit

  2. Upload an image or GIF. Images that are 1000px square are best.

  3. Click “Save

Background images & welcome image together

Background images available on Envoy Premium & Enterprise Plans

You can also use Background images and Welcome image to show more about your company. If you only want a background image you can also disable showing the company logo from the screen.

Enable background images & welcome image

  1. Locate Welcome image and click “Edit

  2. Upload an image or GIF. Images that are 1000px square are best.
    Here, they’ve uploaded a white, transparent PNG.

  3. Locate Background images, and click “Edit

  4. Upload up to 10 images. Images that are 1536 x 2048px are best.

  5. Toggle the Hide company logo from the welcome screen to the “off” position.

  6. Click “Save

Tip: If you'd like to use a background image only without a welcome image or logo on top, simply toggle Hide company logo from welcome screen to the "on" position.

Background color

By default, your logo or welcome image will appear on a white background, but you can change your background color at any time.

Change the background color

  1. Locate Background color and click “Edit

  2. Click “Choose a color.”

  3. Use the color palette or enter a specific HEX value.

  4. Click “Save

Tip: Envoy will automatically determine if the text should appear black or white, based on which will be easiest to read.

Welcome screen features

In addition to the welcome screen design, there are three features that you’ll also configure from your Visitors > Settings > Welcome screen page.

When enabled, these features will appear as a button on the bottom of your iPad’s welcome screen.


The deliveries feature within Envoy Visitors allows you to designate one employee in your directory as the delivery contact. That person will receive a special notification whenever a delivery is signed in on the Visitor sign-in kiosk. Learn more about delivery contact notifications.

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