Bulk Invites

Invite multiple visitors for multiple dates, all at once, with our bulk invites feature.

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This feature was previously known as Group invites. An enhanced version of this feature is now available.

Create invites in bulk

If you’re using registration specifically to improve large-party sign-in, our first helpful tip is to create all of your invites at once. This is easy to do, and it is much faster than filling out an invite form for each person you’re expecting. By using bulk invites, you can invite many visitors at once for various visit dates and times.

Need to invite a group of people to arrive at the same date and time? Use our Group invites feature to manage group details and add/remove visitors.

Tip: Remember, it's best to fill out as many fields as you can when creating your invites. This way, the visitors have less to type on the iPad when they sign in. You can even include private notes for the person who will be greeting your visitors.

Important notes:

  • For security reasons, we limit how many bulk invites can be created at once over a 24-hour period. If you hit this limit, please reach out to support and we’ll be happy to assist.

  • You will not be able to edit the invite en masse, unlike our group invites feature. If you want to invite a large number of people for different days, bulk invites is the preferred tool.

How to create invites in bulk

  1. Click New invite. You’ll be taken to the invite form.

  2. Select Bulk invite from the top navigation.

  3. Select the correct location and visitor type.

  4. Optional: Enter a Group name that you can use to reference these visitors in the logs.

  5. You can either type in or paste the invite details in the grid below.

    1. If you prefer to enter the information manually instead of pasting it, note that the Arrival date column has a date picker, and the Host column will search your employee directory.

    2. If you're pasting the information from Excel, be sure the columns match the order of the bulk invite fields.

  6. Optional: Check the Send invite email box if you want to send these people an email confirming their upcoming visit, and select whether the group name should be included in the subject of the invite.

  7. Click “Create invites.”

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