Invite Approvals

Enable Invite Approvals for visitor invites.

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How to set up Invite Approvals

With Invite Approvals enabled, specific admins can be alerted when an invite is created by your employees (non-admins) for designated visitor types.

  1. Click Edit next to the Sign-in flow you want to enable Invite Approvals for.

  2. Click on Security at the top navigation bar.

  3. Click Enable next to “Require approval before invites are sent”.

  4. Choose which reviewer to alert when a visitor is invited.

  5. Click Save.

  6. Repeat the above steps for each sign-in flow in which you want Invite Approvals enabled.

  7. Next time an employee creates a visitor invite, they will see "Approval from an admin required" under the Visitor type as well as the option to "Submit invite for approval".


  • If an invite is created by a Global, Location, or Front desk admin, the invite will be auto-approved. Only invites created by non-admins will require approval.

  • Enabling approvals will require all invites (single and group invites) to go through a review before being sent out.

  • Approvals are enabled for invites, per sign-in flow. This means you must enable and select an admin for each sign-in flow.

  • Reviewers are only designated to be alerted for review of invites for that specific location.

  • Global and Location admins are always able to approve invites, even if not explicitly added as someone to be alerted.

  • If your admin is not receiving emails to approve, please ensure that they have Email toggled on in their Profile > Notification settings.

Reviewing Invites

Admins can review invites from the Envoy dashboard as well as in email. The dashboard is the best place for bulk reviews of invites

  • Email view - Each invite for a relevant visitor type will trigger an email that asks the admin(s) to review.

  • Dashboard View:

    • Under the Visitors section, there is an “Approvals” tab that consolidates all pending invites for review.

    • Admins can find upcoming invites by updating the date filters at the top of the page, based on the expected arrival date.

    • The red dot next to the Visitors navigation header and the Pending tab alert admins to the presence of outstanding invites so the queue is always visible.

How employees stay updated during invite review

  • Employees are alerted after an invite is sent and needs review.

  • The invite recipient does not get any Envoy notifications until the invite is approved.

  • After an employee sends an invite for a visitor type that has approvals enabled, they will receive an email alerting them of the review.

  • Employees can also see the status of their pending invites.

  • If that invite is rejected, the person who created the invite will receive an email notification. The invite recipient is not notified in this case.

  • If that invite is approved, the employee will receive an email notification.

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