BCC Host Notifications

Find out how to have all your Host Notifications be copied to a user at your company

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What are Host Notifications?

When a visitor arrives at your workplace, a notification can be sent to the designated host to let them know that their visitor has arrived. Enabling BCC Host Notifications will allow a copy of the notification to be emailed to a designated team member.

Some companies like this designated person to be a Receptionist, or an email that goes to a group of people.

What is supported?

  • Any one person can be chosen per location to get an email when anyone signs in regardless of host chosen.

  • You can have different users receive the BCC Host Notification for different locations.

  • The host field must be present in the sign-in flow for the BCC notification to send.

Note: The BCC Host Notification will be sent to the designated user as an email

How to Enable

To enable this feature, a user with Global Admin access can contact our Support team who will be able to set this up.

Reach us via email at [email protected] or through live chat on our website or mobile apps. To start a live chat, click on the red circle in the bottom-right corner of any envoy.com web page.

For live chat on the Mobile App:

  • Make sure your app is up to date in the App Store or Play Store

  • Tap Profile

  • Tap Settings (the cog symbol in the top corner)

  • Tap Get Help

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