Are entries showing up on your visitor log?

If no, then your iPad has gone offline. You will not receive notifications for visitors that have already signed in, but their entries will sync with the visitor log, and your notifications should start again with the next visitor.

To reconnect, try these steps: Open your iPad Settings App and select Wi-Fi from the sidebar. Toggle your Wi-Fi off and back on again.

Do you have notifications enabled?

Double check your Visitors > Settings > Notifications page to ensure you have the notification methods (email and SMS) enabled as desired. Also check our your Integrations page page to check the status of chat platform integrations.

Are you seeing the “SMS Failed” message on your visitor entries?

If so, check your employee directory to ensure that you entered employees’ cell phone numbers. If you have land lines listed in your employee directory, SMS notifications cannot be delivered.

Did you enable the Envoy for iPhone app?

If so, you may have changed your personal notification preferences to be different from the notification preferences your company initially enabled. Check your personal notification settings.

Email notifications marked as spam

It’s rare that Envoy notifications get marked as spam, but if you are encountering this issue, please whitelist us with your email provider. You’ll need to whitelist either Envoy’s domain or email.

We’ve included how-to guides for the two major email clients. If you use another provider, require IP whitelisting, or are having issues, please contact us directly for support.

SMS notification troubleshooting

If you’re having issues specifically with SMS notifications, click here to walk through our guided SMS troubleshooting tool.

Known SMS issues in China

From Twilio, our SMS delivery provider:

There are known issues with SMS to China. […] Because SMS traffic to China is heavily monitored, delays of up to 24 hours to verify traffic are unfortunately not abnormal.

Twilio and our carriers don’t have much control over these delays, as this behavior is dictated and regulated by the Chinese government.

Because of this, Envoy recommends using other notification methods (email, Slack, HipChat, or iPhone push notifications) for locations in China.

Known SMS issues in India

Certain customers have experienced issues with SMS delivery to phone numbers with Indian country codes, due to custom preferences set within India’s National Do Not Call Registry (also known as National Customer Preference Register).

Please contact us to check Twilio (our SMS delivery provider) for the delivery status of specific messages.

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