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Setting up host notifications
Setting up host notifications

This article outlines how to set up and configure host notifications.

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Enable or disable host notifications

  1. If you've never had them on before, it will say "Enable host notifications"

  2. If you had them on at some point, you'll locate Host notifications

    1. To enable, toggle to the “on” position.

    2. To disable, toggle to the “off” position.

Custom host notification text

Available on Premium & Enterprise Plans

  1. Locate Host notification text and click “Enable.”

  2. Edit the host notification text as desired. Automatically add your company name, location name, and more by clicking Variables and inserting them into your custom text. 

  3. Click “Preview” to see what your custom text will look like in different sign-in scenarios using different notification methods.

Tip: This feature is only available in English. We don't translate this to your default language.

Deleting the Host field per visitor type

  1. Click edit on the sign-in flow you wish to remove the host field from

  2. Navigate to the Host field

    1. The host field will show Employees will receive host notifications when their visitors sign in so you know which field it is if it’s named something different.

  3. Hit the trash can icon and verify that you do want to stop notifying hosts

  4. Hit Save fields.

Choosing notification methods for your location

  1. Locate Notification methods

    1. To enable a notification method, toggle it to the “on” position.

    2. To disable a notification method, toggle it to the “off” position.

Note: Remember, as the Envoy administrator, you're choosing the default host notification preferences for your location.

  • Any employee can log in on the web or Envoy Mobile App to customize their personal notification preferences. They can only choose notifications that are on for the location.

  • As an admin, you cannot reset an employee's personal notification settings if they have been changed after the initial setup.

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