✨ Important Note: Tenant admins will be notified via email whenever a guest is signed in through the security console. To review which admin receives notification for lobby sign ins, please review the Admin Notification for lobby sign-in guide.

Creating walk-in registrations

  1. Navigate to the invites log from your security console

  2. On the upper left-hand side of the page, selected New Invite

  3. Enter in the visitor’s name

  4. Select the tenant the visitor is there to see

  5. Enter in the arrival date and time

  6. Include any notes for the tenant under the shared notes section

  7. Select Create

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Contacting the tenant admin

  1. Once a visitor walk-in record has been created, navigate to tenant name. Hover over the tenant name to view the tenant admins to contact

    1. You can cycle through tenant admins by selecting the arrows on the pop-up window

Modifying visitor walk-in record

  1. If the security console needs to include shared notes after signing in a walk-in guest, they can modify the record by:

    1. Selecting the 3 dots to the right of the visitor record and selecting edit invite

    2. Entering in notes under shared notes

    3. Selecting Save

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