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Admin notifications for lobby sign-in
Admin notifications for lobby sign-in

Steps to notify admins when a guest is checked in at the lobby

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How it works

Tenant admins will have the ability to be notified by lobby staff when guests sign in at the lobby. Lobby staff will be able to copy tenant contact information directly from the lobby invite log.


Tenant admins will need to be a part of the tenant employee directory and have an admin role assigned to them. If the admin tenant is being created for the first time, the admin will have to accept their admin role via email confirmation link.

Tenant admins will need to have their mobile number listed in the employee directory if they wish to receive mobile notifications when guests check in

Connect Video: Configuring admin notifications

Configuring Admin Notifications

1. In your Envoy account, navigate to your Notification settings under Visitors

2. Scroll to the middle of the page until you reach “Admin notifications for lobby sign in” and select Enable

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3. Enter in the admins you wish to notify when guests sign in at the lobby

The order in which the admins are entered is the order they will be shown at the security desk.

4. Select Save

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