The Desks neighborhoods feature allows you to designate sections of your office, or office floors, to specific teams or groups, based on capacity. This feature allows you to seat teams or cohorts together, while being mindful of the available space per team. Desks neighborhoods is location specific, and groups must be assigned at the location level.

To learn how to set up Desks neighborhoods, click here.

How Desks neighborhoods works

  • Neighborhoods are added to your floor map by including the neighborhood name in the proper column of the Desks CSV upload, corresponding to the desk number

  • Once the CSV is uploaded with neighborhood names, the neighborhoods section will be updated with those names, making it possible to assign employees to specific neighborhoods

  • When an employee signs in after registering through Protect, they will receive a desk assignment in the neighborhood that an admin has assigned them to

  • If the employee chooses to change their desk assignment, they will only be able to choose a desk in the neighborhood to which they're assigned, or a neighborhood that is open for any employee to reserve

Using SCIM to assign Neighborhoods

If your company uses one of our SCIM Directory integrations (Okta, Microsoft Azure, or OneLogin), you can use your SCIM instance to assign your employees to neighborhoods. In order to assign employees to a neighborhood using SCIM, employees must be provisioned to sync into the Envoy directory. If you use SCIM profile fields to categorize your employees, you can use those fields to assign employees to neighborhoods.

Using SCIM Profile Fields

  • The following SCIM profile fields are supported for neighborhoods: Department, Division, or Organization.

✨ Important Note: When using SCIM with neighborhoods, 1 department or group can be used in multiple neighborhoods. For example, your IT Department can belong to both Neighborhoods #1 and #2.


  • Neighborhoods cannot be nested within each other.

  • If an employee belongs to more than one neighborhood, auto-assigning will randomly pick from desks available in both neighborhoods without priority.

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