Desks Video: Set up neighborhoods, assign desks and desk amenities

To learn more about what Desks neighborhoods is, please read our About Desks neighborhoods article.

Enabling Desks neighborhoods

  1. Choose neighborhood names that make sense for your team groupings (i.e. Finance, Engineering, Sales; or Monday group, Tuesday group, Wednesday group; etc.)

  2. Include the optional neighborhoods column in your Desks CSV according to these instructions, and upload your CSV

  3. Insert those neighborhood names in the same lines as the corresponding desk numbers in your Desks CSV and upload

Manually assigning employees to neighborhoods

  1. Once you have uploaded a CSV that includes neighborhoods, those neighborhoods names will populate as sections on the Neighborhoods tab, listed underneath Desks, on the dashboard

  2. To add employees to each neighborhood, click 'edit' next to the neighborhood name, and begin to enter employee names listed in your directory to assign them to their corresponding neighborhood

  3. Click 'save' after assigning all employees to their appropriate neighborhood

Using SCIM to assign employees to neighborhoods

  1. Populating and finding the Neighborhoods tab on the dashboard follows the same process as manually assigning neighborhoods

  2. Instead of manually assigning employees by name, you can include the name of a group that you have included in your SCIM profile fields. Note: You can only group users using the following SCIM profile fields: Department, Division, or Organization

  3. To assign these groups using SCIM profile fields, start typing the name of the group you input into your Department, Division, or Organization user fields in your SCIM provider into the "Specify groups that can sit in this neighborhood" field in Envoy neighborhoods

  4. Click 'save' after assigning all SCIM groups to their appropriate neighborhood

Important Notes

  • Only those assigned to a neighborhood, whether individuals or a SCIM group, will be assigned a desk in that neighborhood

  • If you do not assign any employees to a neighborhood, any employee can sit there. Employees who are not assigned to a neighborhood can sit in an open neighborhood, and employees assigned to a neighborhood can change their desk to an open neighborhood. However, if all neighborhoods have employees assigned, the employees not assigned to a neighborhood will not receive a desk upon sign-in

  • SCIM provisioning for neighborhoods is limited to Okta, Centrify, OneLogin or Azure

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