How Desks billing works

Envoy Desks is sold in packs of 25 desks and is paid by location. A Desks license cannot be split between multiple locations. When you add a Desks license to your Visitors+Protect plan, you can opt for a prorated fee to cover the time until your next billing cycle.

Envoy Desks pricing

Envoy Desks is available as an add-on to any Visitors+Protect plan. Desks is available for free on our Basic plan, for companies who have up to 25 active desks. An active desk is one that is either bookable or permanently assigned on your floor map. See our pricing page for more details on what is included in each Desks plan.

When you purchase Desks on an annual subscription, paid upfront for 1 year, the price is $3/desk/month and is sold in packs of 25 desks. That comes out to $75/location/month. When you purchase Desks on a monthly subscription Envoy Desks is $4/desk/month for every 25 desks (so you save 25% on an annual subscription). That comes out to $100/location/month.

Billing examples

  • Second Street Labs has 3 locations: 2 locations have 100 desks each, and one location has 50 desks. They want to purchase an annual subscription. Remember, a Desks license includes 25 desks, so each location will need to purchase multiple licenses. In this scenario, the billing comes to 10 licenses @ $75/month x 12 months = $9,000 per year. If this company wants to purchase more desks at any location, they would need to purchase more licenses.

  • Second Street labs has 2 locations, one with 60 desks and the other with 20 desks. They want to pay monthly. The first location will need 3 licenses and the second location will need 1 license. In this scenario, the billing comes to 4 licenses @ $100/month x 12 months = $4,800. This company would be able to add more desks at each location: up to 15 at the first location and up to 5 at the second location.

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