How Desks billing works

Envoy Desks licenses are paid per location and include up to 100 desks. Desks licenses cannot be split between multiple locations. When you add a Desks license to your Visitors+Protect plan, you can opt for a prorated fee to cover the time until your next billing cycle.

Envoy Desks pricing

Envoy Desks is available as an add-on to any Visitors+Protect plan—and all Desks features are included.

When you purchase Desks on an annual subscription, paid upfront for 1 year, the price is $99/location/month for every 100 desks. When you purchase Desks on a monthly subscription Envoy Desks is $119/100 desks/location/month for every 100 desks (so you save 17% on an annual subscription).

A billing example

  • Second Street Labs has 3 locations, 2 locations have 100 desks, and one location has 200 desks. They want to purchase an annual subscription. Remember, a Desks license includes up to 100 desks, so the last location will need 2 licenses for 200 desks. In this scenario, the billing comes to 4 licenses @ $99/month x 12 months = $4,752 per year. If this company wants to purchase more desks at any location, they would need to purchase more licenses.

  • Second Street labs has 2 locations, one with 60 desks and the other with 20 desks. They want to pay monthly. They will need 1 license at each location, so in this scenario, the billing comes to 2 licenses @ $119/month x 12 months = $2,856. This company would be able to add more desks at each location, up to 100.

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