Below, we explain how your team will interact with Rooms in their day-to-day work and how they can use Rooms to find and book available meeting spaces.

Benefits of Rooms for your employees

  • Spend less time searching for a place to meet. 

  • Conveniently book rooms using the tools you already have in place, including Google Calendar, Outlook calendar or your smartphone.

  • Check into a booked room through a convenient display screen outside of the meeting room or through Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Booking a room through the Envoy Rooms display app

Each Room can have a corresponding device(s) outside of the entry to that Room. The device will show an overview of the room's scheduled meetings for the day, and it will show if the room is currently available (green), if a meeting is starting in that room soon (yellow), or if the room is currently in use (red).

  1. If a room is available (green outline on device), a user can book the room for either 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes depending on the time available until the next scheduled meeting.

  2. Select the desired amount of time from the dropdown next to the "Book" button.

  3. Once the time is selected, click "Book." The meeting room is then yours to use until your allotted time is up.

Booking a room through the Envoy Mobile app

  1. Open the Envoy Mobile app

  2. Click the plus (+) button in the top right corner

  3. Select Book a Room

  4. Choose the desired room for the meeting

  5. Click Book Room

  6. The selected room is then booked for the next 30 minutes

NOTE: If Bluetooth is enabled for the Envoy mobile app, the list of available rooms will be prioritized in order of which room is closest to you at that moment.

Checking into an upcoming meeting

  • Admins have the ability to enable the "Rooms check-in" feature.

  • This feature will only appear for a meeting booked through either Google or Outlook calendars.

  • The device outside of the room will be outlined in yellow and have a "check-in" button appear 5 minutes before the meeting start time up until 5 minutes after the meeting start time.

  • You will want to check into the room to maintain your room reservation. If you do not check into the room within that time period, your room reservation will be released, and others will have the opportunity to book that room.

NOTE: Check-in notifications can also be sent through Slack and Microsoft Teams if enabled by an admin. If you are the creator of the room reservation, you will receive a Slack or Teams message reminding you to check-in, and you can do so right from that reminder notification.

Ending a meeting before the scheduled end time

  • If you have finished your meeting early, you have the ability to end the room reservation to free up the room for someone else to book.

  • Simply click End on the display device outside the room to free it up.

Employee permissions

Any employee in your directory can download and create an account with the Envoy mobile app. 

Employees have permissions to do the following:

  • See available rooms

  • Book available rooms

Employees will not have access to:

  • Account or location settings

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