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Learn how to manage and monitor your iPads once they’re paired.

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Check device status

You can see all paired iPads at a given location—and see if they’re operational or offline—from any location’s devices page.

Tip: If you're a Global admin you can view at-a-glance device status for all locations from Global overview > Devices.

Check online/offline

You can check if your iPad is offline in two places.

  1. On our new Home page, if an iPad is offline there will be a notification that shows how long and which device is offline

  2. Go to Visitors > Devices. Here you'll see a list of all iPads attached and which are operational vs offline.

Check for app updates

  1. Locate the iPad in question on the list of connected devices. 

  2. Under the iPad name, locate Visitors version.

  3. Besides the version number (like 2.0.1, for example), you will see a colored dot.

    1. If the dot is green, the iPad is running the current version.

    2. If the dot is yellow the iPad is running an older version and we recommend that you update.

Update Envoy Visitors app

  1. Open the Apple App Store on your iPad.

  2. In the top right, search for “Envoy.”

  3. If there is an update to the Envoy app, you’ll see it listed. Simply tap “Update.”

    1. If you’re on the most up-to-date version, you’ll see “Open” instead of “Update.”

Tip: If Visitors > Devices shows that you need an update but the App Store does not just delete the app and then reinstall it. That will ensure you have the latest version. 

Check which location an iPad is paired to

  1. On the iPad in question, open the iPad Settings app.

  2. Find Envoy on the left (near the bottom), and tap it. Then on the right, look for Location.

Tip: To change which location an iPad is paired to, first unpair it from the current location. Then, pair it to the desired location.

Unpair an iPad from a location

You can unpair an iPad either from the iPad settings (you must be with the iPad) or from the dashboard (can be done remotely).

Unpair using iPad settings

If you’re near the iPad, you can open the iPad Settings app to unpair an iPad from a location.

  1. On the iPad, open the iPad Settings app.

  2. Find Envoy on the left (near the bottom), and tap it. Then on the right, toggle Reset Login Information to the on position.

Unpair using dashboard

If you’re managing iPads remotely, you can unpair an iPad from a location from your dashboard.

  1. Locate the iPad you’d like to unpair. Find the 3 dots at the top right, and select “Delete this iPad” from the dropdown.

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