Visitors who pre-register have the option of signing in with a QR code. Rather than type their information on the iPad, visitors can sign in instantly by using the iPad’s camera to scan their QR code.

You will need version 3.2.0 or later of the Envoy Visitors app to use QR codes.

Benefits of signing in with QR codes

  • A more seamless, light-weight sign-in experience for visitors who have already taken the time to pre-register.
  • Lets visitors sign in faster, freeing up your kiosk for other people who may be waiting to sign in.
  • Because QR codes are only given to people who pre-register, this encourages more visitors who are invited to pre-register.

How to make QR codes available to visitors

Your visitors receive a QR code when they pre-register for their visit.

To turn on pre-registration and make QR codes available to your visitors, navigate to Visitors > Settings > Invites and enable Pre-registration. You can now invite people to visit by selecting “New invite” on the Invites log.

When you invite a visitor, they receive an email prompting them to “Check in” for their visit. Clicking this opens a new window where they can complete each step of your sign-in flow or, in other words, pre-register.

When they finish pre-registering, their QR code to sign in appears on their screen. A copy is also sent to their email. Each QR code is unique and valid for one visit only.

Note: You must have an iPad paired to the account at the time of the invite for a QR code to generate.

Available on Apple Wallet & Google Pass

In order to add to Apple Wallet or Google Pass, please utilize the links in the QR code email sent.

How to sign in with QR codes

  1. Visitors with QR codes should approach your sign-in kiosk like any other visitor
  2. On the kiosk, tap “Tap to sign in.” You will notice a round button just below the “Full name” field that contains an image of a QR code.
  3. Tap this button to activate the iPad’s camera. 
  4. On a smartphone, open the email that contains the QR code.
    • A screenshot of the QR code is fine too.
  5. Hold the QR code in view of the iPad’s camera and align it with the guides on the screen. The visitor's information will be filled in automatically.

Note: If the visitor checked in prior to arriving they would have had the opportunity to sign the NDA. This step would then be skipped in the actual sign-in process and they would have been signed-in automatically without the extra steps.

When we do we send QR codes

There are a few rules for when we send a QR code to a visitor.

We send two types of pre-registration/invite emails, one with a Check in now button and the other with a QR code and a Check in now button.

Check in now button

This invite email will send if
• Any required field in the sign-in flow is left blank (to check what is set as required to go Visitors > Settings > Sign-in flow > Edit (if applicable) > Sign-in fields)
Require pre-registration for sign-in is toggled on

QR Code and Check in now button

This invite email will send if
• All required fields are filled out
Require pre-registration for sign-in is toggled off

Why didn't a QR code send at all

• There is no iPad paired to the account at the time the invite was created
• One of the iPads paired to the account is on a version of Envoy Visitors older than 3.2.0

• If any legal documents have a video attached to them

Important notes

  • QR codes are valid for the entire day of the invite. IE, you invite someone for 4:15 PM they can use their QR code at 6 AM or 11:59 PM as long as the date is the same as that of the invite.
  • If you have any iPad paired to the account that is on version 3.2.0 or older you must remove the iPad entirely or update it to the latest version.

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