With Envoy Visitors, the last step of the sign-in flow welcomes your visitors to your office. By default, you’ll see a celebratory illustration on the final screen. If you prefer to show custom text, an image, or a video, you can do so by customizing the final screen.

How the final screen works

When the visitor completes the other sign-in steps (like fields, NDA, and photo), they’ll see the final screen. The default final screen appears for eight seconds, whereas a custom final screen appears for 20 seconds (or the length of the video) before returning to the welcome screen.

With a custom final screen, your text, image, or video will appear below the default welcome message.

  • With a text final screen, the custom text will appear in a scrollable text area. The text can be as long as you like and can include basic text formatting.

  • With an image final screen, the image will be resized to fit within the image area.

  • With a video final screen, the video will appear with a play button in the middle of your iPad screen. Due to iOS restrictions the video cannot auto-play; the visitor will need to hit the play button.

If you’re collecting your visitors’ email addresses, you have the option to add the “Email me this info” button. This button will appear under your custom text, image, or video. When tapped, an email containing your custom text, image, or video link will be automatically sent to the visitor.

Whether you’re using the default or a custom final screen, you can always dismiss this screen by tapping the checkmark in the top right corner.

Benefits of the final screen

  • Offers more customization for your sign-in flow.

  • If you have multiple visitor types, you can configure the final screen based on their Visitor type (Premium and Enterprise plans).

Examples of custom final screens

You can fully customize the final screen to meet your needs. Here are some creative ways to use the final screen to meet your business needs:

  • Play a safety video

  • Show your evacuation map

  • List your Good Manufacturing Practices or site rules & regulations

  • Show a fun welcome message or GIF

  • Play a recruiting video

  • Show your logo or a custom design

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