How nicknames work

When Deliveries “reads” each shipping label, it’s “looking” for names that appear in your Envoy Directory. When you assign nicknames, Envoy “looks” for these nicknames too. It then determines which employee the nickname is synonymous with, and sends the delivery notification to the proper recipient.

When to use nicknames

The nickname feature works well for names, of course, but it can go beyond adding “Jon” for every “Jonathan” listed in your directory. In fact, Envoy Deliveries already knows many of these common nicknames, so you don’t have to assign them.

This feature can be very helpful for actual nicknames (for example, an employee who goes by their initials instead of their full name) and employees who change their names (for example, maiden to married name).

You can also use nicknames to make sure recipients know about deliveries that are addressed to a team or a job title, too. For example, something may be addressed to “Facilities team” or “Office manager,” but you know they should always be delivered to Alexa Beckfield. In this case, you’d add “Office manager” and “Facilities team” as Alexa’s nicknames.

Benefits of nicknames

  • Nicknames save time. You only have to set up the nickname once, and every future delivery addressed to the nickname will be automatically be associated with the correct recipient.

  • Recipients receive a photo of the shipping label in their notification, so even if it’s addressed to a different name, they’ll know which delivery to pick up.

  • Nicknames can be set per location so you can have your "IT department" or "Reception" ping different people depending on their location within Envoy.

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