The unable to process message

Typically, deliveries are logged automatically, but sometimes the shipping label cannot be “read.” If this happens, you’ll see an alert in your delivery log (on web and mobile) and in the Up next tab of your Envoy Deliveries mobile app.

When you see this message, you’ll need to manually select the delivery’s recipient. When you do, the delivery record will get updated and the notifications will automatically be sent to that recipient.

Common reasons deliveries cannot be processed

  • Photo is blurry
  • No shipping label in photo
  • Illegible shipping label (for example, some handwriting)
  • Torn or damaged shipping label
  • Recipient name does not match a name in the Envoy directory

How to correct unprocessed deliveries

From Up next tab on mobile

It’s best practice to check for unprocessed deliveries every time you record a new batch of deliveries. Since you’re already using the app to record deliveries, it’s easiest to check this in your Up next tab. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Envoy Deliveries mobile app.
  2. Tap Up next in the bottom menu.
  3. If any deliveries were unable to process, you will see yellow alerts on the Up next screen. Tap the alert.
  4. Tap a specific delivery that was unable to process.
  5. Tap Delivery recipient and begin typing the recipient’s name. If they are in your directly, the name will populate automatically. Tap it to select.
  6. Tap Done. This will update the delivery and send the notification to the recipient you selected.

From delivery log on mobile

  1. Open the Envoy Deliveries app.
  2. Tap Delivery log in the bottom menu.
  3. Tap on any delivery displaying the “Unable to process delivery” alert.
  4. On the delivery details screen, tap “Edit.”
  5. Tap “Delivery recipient,” and a keyboard pops up.
  6. Begin typing the recipient’s name, and choose from the list that appears.
  7. (Optional) Select a carrier in the Carrier field.
  8. Tap “Done.” This will update the delivery and send the notification to the recipient you selected.
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