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How to correct unprocessed deliveries
How to correct unprocessed deliveries

Learn what to do if a delivery is unable to process.

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'No recipient found'

Typically, deliveries are logged automatically, but sometimes the shipping label cannot be “read” by Envoy. If this happens, you'll be prompted to fill out who this delivery is for before moving on to the next delivery. When you see this message, you’ll need to manually select the delivery’s recipient. 

Common reasons deliveries cannot be processed

  • Photo is blurry

  • No shipping label in photo

  • Illegible shipping label (for example, some handwriting)

  • Torn or damaged shipping label

  • Recipient name does not match a name in the Envoy directory

How to correct unprocessed deliveries on mobile

Once you've taken a photo of the label, Envoy "Reads" the label and searches the employee directory. If any of the above are wrong with the label you may have to match the recipient directly from the app. 

To do this click on Delivery recipient and begin typing the name of someone in your directory. When their name appears click on it then hit Save delivery.

Note: If you often get packages for "reception" or a different alias, adding Nicknames will save you a great deal of time. 

How to correct unprocessed deliveries on the dashboard

With the addition of the This isn't mine feature for deliveries your employees can now mark a package as not theirs which will make the package on the dashboard revert to Unidentified recipient.
Any admin can view this by going to the delivery log where they will see "Unidentified recipient" in yellow. 

This can be fixed by clicking into the delivery and assigning the package to the right person.

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