Envoy account structure

Learn the basics about how accounts, locations and delivery areas work together.

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How Envoy's account structure works

With Envoy, your account structure will depend on three things:

  • Which Envoy products you use

  • Which plan(s) you subscribe to

  • How many offices you’ll use Envoy in

Signing up for any Envoy product creates an Envoy account. A company typically has one Envoy account, regardless of how many physical offices it has or which Envoy products it uses.

Think of your account as the umbrella over everything else you’ll set up within Envoy.

During sign-up, you’ll also create your first location. A location typically represents a physical office.

Since an account can have multiple locations, think of each location as nested underneath your account umbrella. Our customers often create locations for each office in different cities or each building on a central campus.

Allowing multiple locations per account gives account administrators more flexibility. This way, you can have global administrators with account-level access and location-based administrators with more specific access.

Benefits of this account structure

  • Flexibility: You can totally customize your account structure to meet your needs.

  • Centralized billing: Although you’ll pay for each subscription, they’re all linked to your one Envoy account.

  • Easy expansion: If your company opens a new office that needs visitor sign-in or delivery management, adding a new location and copying over your existing settings is easy.

Envoy account structure and billing

Locations are free—it’s the subscriptions to the products that require payment. You can subscribe to Visitors at any of your account’s locations. Your Workplace subscription is based on the number of active users on your company account and is not impacted by location count. Workplace includes access to Deliveries, Rooms, and Employee sign-in.

  • You’ll need a Visitors subscription for every location where you’d like to sign-in visitors.

  • You can choose from Basic, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

  • All locations using Envoy Visitors must be on the same plan type (e.g., one location cannot be on Standard and one on Premium).

  • Your locations do not need to have the same number of delivery areas. You can have none, one, or multiple delivery areas per location.

  • When you have multiple Envoy subscriptions—in fact, most customers love having everything their whole office on the same system! Your whole company account will be on one payment method and one billing cycle.

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