In-office Policy

Global admins can set an in-office policy to help keep track of occupancy and space utilization.

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Admins can save time and effort by automating the tracking and reporting of in-office policies. An onsite presence policy can be set to measure occupancy against attendance targets at the Department or Company level.

How to enable In-Office policies

  1. Navigate to the Global Overview in your Envoy dashboard.

  2. Click Enable next to In-Office policy.

  3. Set a target frequency and define specific days of the week for the entire company or based on department.

  4. Click Save.

How in-office policy is used

Occupancy Analytics

In the Occupancy dashboard, admins can see the performance of employees against the set target.

By clicking View details, the data is broken down by department.

Attendance reports

You can easily view which employees adhere to required onsite days in easy-to-use Attendance Analytics.

The report shows whether or not an employee is onsite for the target number of days on the Weekly, Monthly, and Total views.


  • Can in-office policy be set by location?

    • No, at this time, in-office policy is a global setting.

  • If you are not seeing Occupancy analytics per Department, be sure to set up your directory to include departments for your employees. This can be done via SCIM or CSV upload. See this article for more information.

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