Property Directory

View the employees of your connected tenants in a single dashboard.

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The Property Directory gives Property, Property Security and Global Admins at your Property building read-only access to see the employee directories of their building tenants using Envoy.

  • By sharing the employee directory with the building lobby, security can more easily identify people that work in the building.

  • Tenants fully own and control their own directories. This feature only lets people at the Property building see them on a single dashboard.

Building owners will be able to:

  • Provide a great concierge experience to employees by enabling property teams to look up employees to provide access

  • Enable property teams to easily have contact information for tenant admins in the building

Building Tenants will be able to:

  • Enable employees to be more easily recognized and identified by security by name and photo to be let up to their suite with minimal hassle

  • Enable tenants with traveling employees to load them into the directory as a way for security to know it's OK to let those employees up even if they don't have an access control badge

How to view all tenants in the directory

  1. Navigate to the Connect overview in the dashboard.

  2. Click View for the Property you want to manage.

  3. Click on Directory.

  4. At the top of the dashboard, Filter by Tenants or Roles.

  5. If an admin is also set to receive Connect Notifications, you can hover over their name for contact information and copy their email address as needed.


  • Learn more about adding employees to the directory.

  • Contact info (such as phone number and email) only shows up for employees who are set up to receive notifications for lobby sign-ins. Learn more.

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