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Employee Directory and Admin Roles
Employee Directory and Admin Roles
Learn how to create your employee directory and assign admin roles
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Video How-to: Setting up your company directory and assigning admin roles

Setting up your directory

If you want your employees to get host notifications when visitors are signed in, you should add them to your employee directory. Your employees won’t be notified they were added to the directory unless you assign them an admin role.

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Assign Admin Roles

  1. After you have added your employees to the directory, Navigate to Admin Roles under the Employee directory.

  2. Click on New Admin at the top.

  3. Begin typing the employees name and select the correct name from the list.

  4. On the next screen, you can select the role you want to assign from the dropdown menu.

  5. Admins can have more than one role if needed.

  6. Click Invite.

  7. This will send an email to that employee for them to accept the role.

  8. It’s important that the employee clicks the Accept Invite link sent by email which will prompt the employee to finish setting up their account.

  9. They will need to confirm the signup details are correct, input a password and click on Sign up.

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