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Learn how to book a desk for part of the day

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Booking desks by the hour gives companies and employees more flexibility. It helps admins save space in their office by utilizing the same desk space for more employees and getting a more accurate picture of their space needs. This also enables employees to more accurately indicate their in-office status with their teams and see when their coworkers are also onsite.

How to customize as an admin

Admins have the ability to customize employee booking options by setting desk booking hours, and utilizing space saver features such as full or partial day free up.

Booking Hours:

Specify the days and hours when desks can be booked by your employees.

  1. To get started, navigate to your Envoy Dashboard

  2. Click on Desks > Settings > Booking Hours

  3. Adjust the days of the week employees will be at the office

  4. Select start and end times

  5. Choose whether to apply those settings to all

Space Saver:

Utilize desks more effectively by automatically releasing desks that are no longed needed.

Important note: If you have the Desks Space Saver feature turned on you will not see Workplace sign-in/sign-out notifications. This is to avoid duplicate notifications being sent out to your employees.

  1. Navigate to Desks > Settings > Space Saver

  2. Toggle on Desk Check-in which prompts employees to check-in to their desk each day

  3. Select a time under Full day desk free up or Partial day desk free up to free up desks if an employee doesn’t check in to their desk by a certain time

Desks reservations

  1. Navigate to Desks > Reservations to see the list of desks that are reserved.

  2. To make a desk reservation as an admin, click on New Reservation in the top right

Visitor Log + Desks

Admins can view the Visitors log in the Envoy dashboard which will show the desks of Employees who have signed into the workplace.

How to book a desk for part of the day as an employee

Booking desks by the hour is easy from the Schedule or Map tabs within the Envoy app. See what desks are available on the map for specific dates and times.

  1. Update your Envoy mobile app to the latest version to access this feature.

  2. On the Map tab, select Available desks.

  3. Tap on the calendar icon at the top to see monthly dates.

  4. Toggle off the All day button.

  5. Scroll to set your desired time slot to see the available desks for that time

  6. Pick your desk selection.

  7. Tap Confirm

To book recurring desk reservations

  1. Navigate to the Schedule tab

  2. In the upper right, tap on select multiple.

  3. Choose the calendar dates you want to schedule.

  4. Toggle off the All day button.

  5. Scroll to set your desired time period.

  6. Confirm your reservations.

    1. Note that you can only make multiple desk bookings with the same time period across your desired dates.

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