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SMS Visitor Registration Reminder
SMS Visitor Registration Reminder

Remind your visitors to register in advance before coming on-site

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How does this integration work?

When an invite is created in Envoy an SMS notification is sent to the visitor containing a registration link for them to sign-in advance. Optionally you can configure a reminder SMS notification 24 hours before their scheduled visit.

Select visitor type

Select which visitor type you would like to send SMS registration reminders to.

Customize the message (Optional)

You can customize the SMS message to personalize it for your visitors. To change the SMS message that is sent to your visitor modify the message body.

You can also include the variables below to further personalize the message.

{{NAME}} - the full name of the visitor

{{COMPANY}} - the name of your company

{{PREREG_LINK}} - the URL to the visitor registration web link

Note: to allow visitors to register in advance you must include the {{PREREG_LINK}} variable.

Finally, you can select to send an additional SMS notification to the visitor 24 hours before their visit.

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