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Near visit registration
Near visit registration

Learn about Near visit registration for invited guests, ensuring that any information answered during registration is up to date.

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About Near visit registration

Companies want to maintain their workplace as a healthy environment for both visitors and employees. Now, with Near visit registration, you can require that visitors complete your registration questionnaire in a timely manner before their visit. With this feature enabled, your visitors will receive an email that they've been invited to visit on the specific date and time that you specify when creating an invite. However, instead of receiving the ability to check in right away, visitors will receive a second email 24 hours in advance of their scheduled visit with the link to Register.

How to enable Near visit registration

  1. On the left-hand side of the dashboard click on Visitors > Settings > Invites.

  2. Navigate to Near visit registration and toggle this on.

Note: When this setting is off visitors will be able to register for their visit anytime prior to their arrival. When this setting is on visitors will only be able to register within 24 hours of their visit.

What Near visit registration looks like to visitors

  • If you invite your visitors more than 24 hours ahead of time the visitor will get this email stating that they've been invited for a specific date and time and instructions that your company requires registration within 24 hours of the visit, so another email will be sent at that time.

  • Once the visit is 24 hours away Envoy will send another email with a register button included. This email will also include any custom invite text your company has added to the registration email.

Near visit registration tips

  • Your visitors will not be able to sign their legal documents if you have a video link in them.

  • Your visitors will get two emails from Envoy, one on the day the invite is created and one 24 hours prior to Register.

  • If you have this setting turned on and send the invite within 24 hours they will only get one email.

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