Enable or disable registration

  1. Locate Visitor invites.

    1. To enable, toggle to the “on” position, if it is the first time setting up, click "Enable registration".

    2. To disable, toggle to the “off” position.

Enable or disable Approval required for unexpected visitors

Available on Premium and Enterprise plans

  1. Locate Approval required for unexpected visitors.

  2. Click Enable

    1. Optionally, you can choose to allow hosts to approve their uninvited visitors via slack.

Enable or disable invite notifications

When invite notifications are enabled, your Front Desk Admin will receive an email every time an invite is created.

  1. Locate Invite notifications.

    1. To enable, toggle to the “on” position.

    2. To disable, toggle to the “off” position.

Customize the invite email template

The invite confirmation email will always contain your logo, the name of the host and visitor, and the date, time, and location of the visit. You can further customize the template to contain information that’s relevant to your location.

Tip: Include directions, parking instructions, a reminder to bring ID, or any information that would help all visitors.

How to customize the invite email

  1. Click "Add template"

  2. Name your template

    1. If you intend to use one template per sign-in flow we suggest naming it with the same name as the visitor type you want to connect it to.

  3. Edit the various sections of your email

Learn more about configuring the invitation email.

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