Using Permissions checker

  1. Navigate to Rooms > Settings 

  2. Find Permissions check and hit Run check

  3. Alternatively, go to your dashboard and paste the Permissions Checker link into the URL Bar - either will work.

  4. You will see either a list of all rooms connected to the email you authenticated with or nothing listed.

  5. Additionally, you can also review the permissions of each individually assigned room by navigating to My Rooms and then selecting "Manage."

Nothing listed means that the calendar you have connected doesn’t have read or write access to any Room Resources, or that your Room Resources are not set up properly. 

Alternatively, you should see a list of all Room Resources that Envoy does have access to through the authenticated email. 

Discovered rooms

  • The Discovered rooms list is just a list of every Room Resource we have access to as well as the Room Calendar ID (the email address for the room).

Calendar access

This will show the room’s display name and whether we have Read Access and Write Access.

Read access

  • ✔️ Success: this indicates that we can see all events for this particular room.

  • X Fail: We will not be able to show the calendar on the iPad. Instead, we will only show a blank screen that has the room’s name.

Write access

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