Preparing your Google calendar

This article will go into how to manage the rooms you want to connect to Envoy.

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There are three ways you can set up your Google calendar to connect with Envoy Rooms. We highly recommend that you use option one, setting up a service account as a super admin. However, if your company would rather not we also have the other options available.

Below are the two options

Assign a service account a Super Admin role

  1. Log into as an admin.

  2. Click on Users.

  3. Click on the user (the email address you wish to authenticate with) that you have used with Envoy Rooms.

4. Scroll to the Admin roles and privileges section & click ASSIGN ROLES.

5. Assign the Super Admin role.

Individually give permissions for each calendar

  1. Log into as a Super Admin. 

  2. Visit and click the Settings gear at the top right.

  3. Go to the calendar for the failed room and share the calendar with the service account used to connect to Envoy. 

  4. Find "Share with specific people" and click Add people. 

  5. Find the name of the service account used to authenticate into Envoy.

6. Make sure they are set to "Make changes to events".

Note: We don't recommend this method because it is very manual. If you create a new room you will have to remember to do this every time.

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