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Checking Calendar Permissions

This article will teach you how to use and understand the Rooms permissions checking features

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One of the most common issues in configuring your calendars for use with Rooms is getting the permissions correct. To function correctly, Rooms requires read and write permissions to each of the room resource calendars in your calendar account.

The Permission Checker allows you to view the permissions of each of the rooms calendars to ensure that they are correct. This is a tool to allow you to fix permission issues that may have occurred during your calendar preparation.

Using the Permissions checker tool

  1. Navigate to Rooms > Settings 

  2. In the Permissions section, click on See Permissions.

  3. This will open the Calendar permissions checker page, which lists all the detected rooms connected to the calendar account.

  4. Rooms permissions can be checked by hitting the Recheck permissions button for the room.

Note: Envoy Rooms requires both Read and Write permissions to function correctly.

Viewing permissions in My Rooms

You can also review the permissions of each individually assigned room by navigating to My Rooms and then selecting Manage.

Permissions are visible and can be rechecked from this view:

Permission indications

The permission results will show whether Read or Write permissions are available:

Read access

  • ✔️ Success: this indicates that we can see all events for this particular room.

  • ✖︎ Fail: We will not be able to show the calendar on the table. Instead, we will only show a blank screen with the room’s name.

Write access

  • ✔️ Success: this indicates that we can write on the calendars. Everything should work, as intended for you.

  • ✖︎ Fail: this indicates that we cannot write on the calendars. This means that features such as Book now, End meeting, and Check-in will not work for these specific rooms. Please see Troubleshooting Rooms for how to fix this.

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