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Location overview

Learn more about how to get a collective view of your visitors across all the locations you manage.

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How the location overview works

My Locations page allows a Location Admin to see a combined visitor log for all the locations they oversee.
As a Location Admin of multiple locations, you have permission to view all the visitor entries at each location. While it is sometimes helpful to do a deep dive into one location, it can also be helpful to get an overview of all locations. Clicking the name of the location in the top-left corner of the dashboard will allow you to access the "My Locations" view.

This specific view is available to only Location Admins.
​Global Admins can see a combined Visitor log of all locations in Global Overview.

Benefits of the location overview

  • Get information at a glance: No more clicking back and forth into different locations to view their visitor logs.

  • Easily view current locations and add new locations from the same page.

  • Export full visitor history for all locations with one click.

Using the Location Overview

As a Location Admin, Your visitor log will show visitors at all your locations by default; however, you can filter by location by clicking the dropdown. You can also export the visitor history for all the locations

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