How does this app work?

With Envoy + Slack, Envoy will send a Slack direct message to your employees every time a visitor arrives to see them. If you use Envoy Deliveries, your employees will receive a direct message when their delivery arrives.

If you’d also like to post all visitor notifications to a Slack channel, you can do that too! Learn more about channel notifications below.

Your team can also use the /envoy slash command in Slack to create an invite in Envoy. Learn more about inviting visitors from Slack.

Enabling Envoy + Slack

Note: You’ll need to be an admin on your Slack account to complete this setup. Either become an admin or ask your admin for help before completing these steps:

  1. Go to Apps > All Apps.

  2. Search for Slack. Click Install.

  3. Select or sign in to your team.

  4. Review the information, and click Allow.

  5. Optionally, under Workspaces, choose the workspace to block from messaging.

  6. Select Next step, and Complete Setup.

  7. Back on your dashboard, you’ll see that the app has been enabled.

  8. To receive notifications from the Envoy bot, an employee must be listed with the same email address both in your Envoy employee directory and on your Slack team.

  9. We recommend testing new features before engaging your whole team. On the Envoy iPad, sign yourself in as a test visitor, select yourself as the host, and check out the notification you get from the Envoy bot.

    1. Note: To receive Slack notifications, each employee and administrator must make sure Slack notifications are enabled in their personal notifications settings. Follow the instructions in this article and feel free to share it with your team.

Envoy + Slack channel notifications

Once you’ve enabled the application via the steps above, it’s easy to have the Envoy bot list all visitors in one or multiple channels. If your company has multiple locations with Envoy, please note that channel notifications will show all visitors at all locations.

Note: Once the Envoy bot is installed in Slack, all users can invite the bot to any public or private channel. If you prefer to have the Envoy bot only send direct messages, please reach out to Envoy support.

How to create a new channel for notifications

  1. We recommend creating a new channel to display visitor sign-ins. To do so, start by creating a new channel.

  2. When creating the new channel, invite Envoy, and any other team members as desired.

  3. All employee’s visitor notifications will now appear in the channel. 

Note: In order to limit the Slack bot to send notifications to specific channels, please see the following instructions.

How to get notifications in an existing channel

  1. You can invite Envoy to any existing channel to see notifications there. Just type the /invite command and invite @envoy.

How to remove notifications from an existing channel

  1. You can remove Envoy from any existing channel. Just type /remove and @envoy.

Envoy + Slack host replies

With the Slack app enabled, you can optionally allow hosts to reply with a single click.

To enable host replies:

  1. Go to Visitors > Settings > Notifications

  2. Click “Edit” next to Slack. 

  3. Click the toggle to enable host replies. 

Note: Once host replies are toggled on, all Front Desk Admins at the location will receive each host reply via slack. 

Envoy + Slack host approval

If you have an invite-only visitor policy, your employees can use Slack to acknowledge that they're expecting an uninvited visitor, or flag them to your admin. When an employee selects "On my way," or "Few minutes late" the visitor will instantly be approved. If they select "Not my visitor," that guest will be flagged to an admin to approve or find them a more suitable host.

To enable Host approval

  1. Enable Host replies.

  2. Go to Visitors > Settings > Pre-registration and enable Approval required for unexpected visitors.

  3. Toggle on Let hosts approve unexpected visitors via Slack

Sync Slack statuses with Envoy

Envoy can automatically update an employee's Slack status whenever they sign into the workplace or check-in to a desk.

Note: Slack cannot update the status of Slack Admins.

To enable Slack status syncing

  1. Enable Host replies.

  2. Navigate to your Envoy Dashboard > Apps > Slack

  3. Read over Workspaces and click Next Step

  4. Connect your Slack account by Allowing the permission

    1. Note: you may need to re-authenticate the first time to allow Envoy permission to Edit profile information and status.

  5. Complete the configuration steps based on preference:

    1. Enable Status Updates

    2. Select Status Emoji

    3. Status Workplace Name

    4. Include Location Name

    5. Include employee's desk location

    6. Status expiration

  6. Click Next Step

  7. Finally, click Complete Setup

When Employees sign in to Protect their status will be automatically updated in Slack.

Disable your slack status as an employee

Some employees may not want to display when they're at the office or where they're sitting, Envoy has built in the option for employees to disable the sync to update their status when signing in.

  1. Go to the Envoy app within Slack

  2. Click the "Home" tab

  3. Click "Disable" next to sync status


  • Does Envoy authenticate with Slack Enterprise Grid?

    • Yes, Envoy will authenticate multiple Slack workspaces, and allow for a unified host notification across workspaces through the Envoy bot.

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