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Learn how to use Microsoft Teams with Envoy.

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Version 2 of Microsoft Teams is available now! You will need to install Microsoft Teams v2 from the Envoy App store AND download Envoy v2 from the Microsoft Teams App store to use the newest features. See set up steps below.

About Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business communication platform developed by Microsoft which allows you to host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone inside or outside your organization or go big with live events.

You can install the Envoy app inside of Teams to complete the following actions in your Envoy account:


  • Invite visitors and send invitations directly from Teams.

  • Receive automated Envoy notifications for when your host arrives.


  • Schedule days to come in onsite.

  • Sign in and sign out of your workplace with the Envoy bot.

  • Check in or cancel your desk booking.

  • Check in or release your room reservation.

  • Receive automated Envoy notifications for:

    • Rooms check-in reminders

    • Desks check-in reminders

    • Deliveries

Set up Steps


  • Microsoft Office 365 admin account with access to Teams.

  • In order to install the Teams for your entire organization, you will need to be a global admin.

    • After a global admin has granted permissions (see configuration steps below) a teams administrator will be able manage app setup policies.

Install Microsoft Teams v2 in Envoy


  • The Microsoft Teams Integration can be installed either globally to your organization or locally by a Teams admin.

    • Global: O365 Global Admin (and a global admin in Envoy) is required to install teams from the dashboard and click the permissions link provided by Envoy during configuration of the app in the Envoy Dashboard. Clicking the provided link grants permissions on behalf of employees to receive Visitor notifications.

      • In order for employees to schedule or book desks, they must authorize the Envoy in Teams by clicking "Log in" from the home tab in the Envoy bot. Global admins can only grant permissions to send Visitor notifications.

    • Local: A Teams Admin (and a global admin in Envoy) can install the app in the Envoy dashboard and authorize teams. In this case, the Employees must authorize the Envoy bot in Teams in order to receive Visitor notifications and access to scheduling/desk booking.

  1. Navigate to the Envoy App store.

  2. Locate Microsoft Teams v2 under Communication.

  3. Click Install.

  4. Authorize the permissions.

  5. Connect your Teams account to Envoy by logging in and accepting the permissions once more.

  6. Under Configure there are two options. Choose the best option for your organization.

    1. Individual Install: Each employee can install Envoy via the Apps section inside of their own instance of Microsoft Teams (Learn more) or you could set up a policy in the Microsoft Teams Admin Center that can pin or auto-install the Envoy app for each of your employees instead (Learn more).

    2. Org-Wide Policy Install: Install the app for everyone at the org. This takes up to 24 hours to propagate and requires super-admin privileges.

      1. Copy and paste the URL given to you in the Envoy app store during installation.

      2. Sign into your account and accept the permissions.

      3. Select "Teams apps" -> "Permission Policies"

      4. Edit or add a Global (Org-wide default) policy and make sure you allow for Third-party apps.

      5. Once you have allowed for third-party apps, navigate to "Manage apps" and search for Envoy ( version 2 or v2.0.0 and make sure the status says "Allow."

      6. Navigate to Setup policies > Select your Global Policy > Add apps > Add the Envoy App. Don't forget to press save at the bottom!

      7. After the policy has been added, you will need to wait 24-36 hours per Microsoft's guidelines prior to all users receiving policy settings

      8. After the 24-36 hour waiting period, when users sign into Teams, real-time events will be passed back into Envoy which will opt new users globally into the Envoy bot

  7. Click Complete setup.


  • You need to have a Microsoft Office 365 admin account with access to Teams. To install Teams across your entire organization, you need to be a global admin in order to grant app permissions org-wide.

  • To receive notifications from the Envoy bot, an employee must be listed with the same email address both in your employee directory and in Microsoft Teams.

  • We recommend testing the notification because a notification will be sent for each visitor to their host. On the Envoy Visitors app, sign yourself in as a test visitor, select yourself as the host, and review the notification you receive from the Envoy bot.

  • If you miss one of the steps above you will see the error “user_not_found” next to the Microsoft Teams notification in the entry.

Once the Teams installation is complete, users will be sent a welcome message within Teams detailing how to use the system and some common commands they can use. More information on how the team will use Teams is listed below.

Envoy Notifications in Teams

Envoy will send Visitor, Delivery, and Check-in Reminder notifications through teams.


Get notified when your visitor arrives.

Responses can be sent to the front desk admin if host replies are enabled. The host replies function can be enabled under Visitors > Settings > Notifications.


Check in or cancel your desk reservation:

If Space Saver is enabled, you will be notified that your desk has been released:


Reminder to check-in or release a booked Room:


See or snooze your deliveries:

Envoy Bot in Teams

With the newest release, we now have an interactive bot you can use to type commands and take action within Envoy, whereas before it was notification-only.

  • The Envoy Bot will send the host a direct message when their visitor arrives. It will not notify the entire Team chat.

  • Please keep in mind that you will only be able to take action based on the plan your company has. For example, Visitors only plans will only be able to receive a notification when a visitor signs in or send visitor invites. Workplace Premium plans can signing in/out of the workplace, receive a deliveries and more.

Navigating Teams + Envoy

Within the Envoy app inside of Teams, you can navigate between the Home, Chat and About tabs.

Home tab

From the Home tab you can:

  • Send visitor invites

  • View your work schedule

  • Register/Schedule for today or in advance

Chat Tab

In the Chat tab you can type in commands to perform certain actions within Envoy:

Log in

Log out

Create an invite

Sign in

Sign out

About Tab

The About tab gives you more information about using Envoy with Microsoft Teams.


  • If you are seeing the following error message within Envoy in Microsoft Teams, please make sure that you have v2 of Microsoft Teams downloaded in the Envoy app store.

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