Inserting badges

Learn how to insert badges into the Brother QL-820NWB or QL-720NW printer.

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How to insert badges

To enable printing on your Brother printer, you’ll need to assemble and insert a roll of badges.

  • part A through the hole in part B. 

  • The two pieces will align with a little notch system. 

  • Slide the roll of labels onto part A. On the end of part A, you’ll see a small notch. 

  • Align the notch in part C with the notch in part A to keep them together. 

  • Now the roll is assembled and ready to place into the printer. Part A is will be on the left and part C will be on the right. 

  • Lift the lid of the printer. Align the notch on the outside of part C within the joint in the printer. 

  • Feed the roll of labels down through the front of the printer, and close the lid.

How to change badge rolls

Keep the label frame! It's reusable and meant to not be thrown away.✨

If you did throw it away by mistake you can order a new one at our shop.

  • Remove the old label frame from the printer

  • Take the pieces of the label frame apart and slide the cardboard off
    • The first few times you do this with a new label frame the pieces will be harder to pull apart. You will need to pull pretty hard to disassemble it.

  • Once you have the label frame apart and the badges off you can go back to step one of this document to put it together.

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